Bucket Elevators


Bucket ElevatorThis is our satellite site for bucket elevators; this site should give an insight and information about our company, products, and services. This site will be updated to provide you with the very best information on the web.

All our layouts are custom design applications, which include food grade systems and equipment requiring CE certification. We are manufacturers of vibratory conveyors, bulk handling & distribution systems, bucket elevators, rotary tables, tipper units, lift & tips, distribution and weigh systems. Our range of machines offer a complete line of bulk material handling equipment and conveyor systems. Over the past three decades, our application experience has grown extremely diversified. These applications range from fresh and dry food items such as peanuts, candy and salt to non-food items like potash, sand, & chemicals, just to name a few.

Tubular open frame & Casing frame designsThe Cox & Plant Products Ltd family of Bucket Elevators offer a practical, efficient & economical means of handling & elevating a wide variety of dry & free flowing bulk materials. Typical elevators consist of a series of buckets mounted on chains or conveyor belts & enclosed in steel casings.

All head sections are supplied with an adjustable discharge lip to ensure adequate discharge of materials. Since a bucket elevator is generally fully enclosed, it is ideally suited for either indoor or outdoor applications.

Cox & Plant Bucket Elevators are designed to cover practically every need in elevating loose bulk material. For every material there is a choice of one or more types & sizes, which will serve your needs. Should there be any doubt in selecting the type of elevator, our project engineering team will assist you in selecting the appropriate model.

Conveyor belt drive chainWe would welcome an opportunity to discuss with you any requirements you may have for bucket conveyor of material handling systems. We respond to inquiries quickly & you will find our prices & deliveries very competitive. We look forward to tendering for any specific bucket elevators needs that you may have or to tender for a full turnkey project.

For information about our products including vibratory conveyors, bucket elevators, tipper units, rotary tables, continuous bucket elevators & batch mixers & blenders, why not visit our mother site www.cox-plant.com We appreciate all feedback, if you feel the site could be improved or there are any other products not featured, please tell us hello@cox-plant.com.